Personal and social benefits of small group training include increases in program adherence, exercise self-efficacy and self reported health and energy.

…why exercise programs that foster a sense of social belonging (in addition to motivation and efficacy) may be helpful for successful adherence to an exercise program.Full article 🏃🏾‍♀️

Further research supports reciprocal relationship between group exercise and social bonding indicating an exercise-induced ‘social high’.

Social scientists have also long speculated about the benefits of such energetically costly activities for social cohesion, and a large body of research in social and sport psychology indicates a positive association between group cohesion and performance.Full article 🧑🏼‍🤝‍🧑🏼

Here are some tips on how you could improve your group fitness classes through increasing inclusivity.

An inclusive environment starts from the moment the participant begins to contemplate attending class. The first experience a potential client may have is likely online, so make sure your class description is clear and helps prospective participants know exactly what to expect. …A specific statement that welcomes all levels and abilities is also a goodContinue reading “Here are some tips on how you could improve your group fitness classes through increasing inclusivity.”

A new study of older adults shows that just one session of exercise increased activation in the brain circuits associated with memory.

“Just like a muscle adapts to repeated use, single sessions of exercise may flex cognitive neural networks in ways that promote adaptations over time and lend to increased network integrity and function and allow more efficient access to memories,” Dr. Smith explained.Full article 🤯