Feeling The Cold Yet? Winter Blues Coming?

Winter bugs, viruses – exercise boots your immune system Feeling the cold – invigorating workouts keep you warm for hours and strengthens your heart Winter blues – exercise boosts your happy chemicals, naturally Eating more, exercising less? – winter workouts burn more calories Benefits of Training in Cold Weather – full article🤼🏃🏾👏🏼🎄 https://www.aston.ac.uk/sport/news/tips/fitness-exercise/benefits-training-cold-weather

Diversity and Inclusion in Fitness – Why We Need More of It

1. Fitness Is for Everyone Contrary to what we see portrayed in fitness magazines and throughout social media, fitness is for everyone. Fitness isn’t for a particular size, gender, shape, age, or ethnicity. You don’t need to look a certain way to have a ‘fit’ body, nor do you need to possess any particular physicalContinue reading “Diversity and Inclusion in Fitness – Why We Need More of It”