Making physical activity

Push Up Wave

(Group size: 3+)  Facing into the circle, people take the push up position. One player taps the player to their right, who then does a push up and taps the player to their right. Several waves can be started. When a player collapses they do crunchies and still pass on any taps. Who can stayContinue reading “Push Up Wave”

Throw and Go

(Group size: 1+) Each person has a medicine ball or sandbag. They push/throw it as far as possible using a chest pass. Race or relay. Repeat until reaching the finish line 👜

Speed Switch

(Group size: 3+) Each person has a mat or cone to mark their spot. People spread out randomly and start a base exercise next to their cone/mat. PT shouts names for people to swap places, 2 names, 3 names, men, people in blue, … continuing the base exercise when they reach the cone/mat🏃‍♂️💥🏃🏾‍♀️

Swim Pop

(Group size: 1+) People lay on the front and do front crawl without arms or legs touching the ground. Someone shouts ‘Pop’, all players jump up, wave hands around then get back down to swimming. Anyone can shout ‘Pop’ anytime🍾


(Group size: 2+) Ball with prewritten exercises written on, in a bucket. Decide on number of reps for each round of the game. Place the bucket a distance away. People collect a ball from the bucket, do the exercise and the next person goes. Keep going until the bucket is empty⚾❔

Over/Under Relay

(Group size: 6+) 2+ teams of 3+, team members line up behind each other in half squat. Slam ball starts with person at the front, passed backwards overhead then between legs alternately. When it reaches the person at the back they run to the front and start the process again… race on 🐛

Body Clock

(Group size: 1+) People close their eyes and start jogging on the spot… PT choses a time and participants change to a plank when they thing they have reached that time. When all participants finished jogging the PT share how close they were to the time. Then do another round… ⏱💨

Towel Chase

(Group size: 3+) Clients form a circle, linking arms. One client has a towel drapped over their shoulder. Another client is outside the circle. Starting opposite the towel side of the circle, the outside client has to try and grab the towel as the circle moves to stop them. 🔄🤼

Medicine Ball Pass

(Group size: 3+) Clients form a circle, either in half squat positon facing outwards, or laying on back with legs straight up in the centre. Pass the medicine ball around. Try two medicine balls and changes of direction…⛹️‍♂️

Walkout 5’s

(Group size: pairs) Client pairs, face each other, 5m apart. Walk hands into push up position, high 5 left hands, then right, then walk hands back to standing position. ☝👇👏🏽

Pole Game

(Group size: 3+) Clients stand in circle, each client has a long pole, move left/right to grab the next pole. Try wider distance apart, starting in squat position, try opposite game (say left, move right)…💈

High Low 5’s

(Group size: pairs) Client pairs, face each other, jump high 5 left hands, jump high 5 right hands x 2 each, push up position, high 5 left hands, high 5 right hands x 2 each, repeat… 🖐🏽

Plank Musical Chairs

(Group size: 4+) Make a big circle using cones. Put mats in the middle of the circle, one less than number of clients. Clients hop/skip/jump/jog round the circle. Music stops or PT shouts ‘Go’. Clients run to mats and make a plank. Person left standing…forfeit 🎶🪑

Push Ups or Plank High 5’s

(Group size: pairs) Pairs facing each other in push up or plank position, how many times can high 5…in 1 min. Upgrade to also lifting opposite leg 🙌

Triangle Dance Challenge

(Group size: threes) Three clients, hands on shoulders, each client takes it in turns to jump in between the other two… jump right, jump left, jump middle, jump right, jump left,… 💃🏾

Cone Game

(Group size: pairs) Client pairs face each other in squat position, with a cone in between. PT calls out where to put hands eg knees, shoulders, head, hips. When PT says ‘cone’, first person to grab the cone 🏆

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