‘The Jōbu Super 7’
foundations for improving physical, mental and social wellbeing

  1. Social – encouraging group participation and social interaction with couples, family, friends, colleagues and new connections
  2. Inclusive – making efforts to ensure anyone can be included and everyone feels welcome
  3. Affordable – providing options of discounts and free sessions
  4. Rewards – regular and random extrinsic and intrinsic rewards
  5. Goals – short term achievable goals. Physical, mental and social
  6. Nature – preferably, physical activity in the natural environment
  7. Charity – supporting a cause you feel passionate about

Creating ‘The Jōbu Super 7’

Getting started

We believe that physical activity is a wonderful natural solution to many of societies issues. So we started to research how and why!

Physical benefits are very well researched. Short and long term improvement in physical health are well documented and easily monitored.

Mental benefits are becoming clearer especially for employees, dealing with stress or depression. Increase in self esteem is a key factor, as is a natural environment or green space.

Social benefits are becoming more understood by governments and local communities. Social cognivity and inclusive groups help foster communication skills which extend far beyond the physical activity group.

Further questions arise such as which motivation/rewards (extrinsic and intrinsic) to use when, which physical activity is best for endorphin/dopamine/serotonin release, what is the best environment for mental wellbeing and optimum group size for optimum social interaction. We are working on it…

Physical, Mental and Social

Physical – maintain a healthy weight, increase fitness, increase strength, improve health and immune system.

Mental – improve mood, better quality sleep, increase productivity, better coping with stress.

Social – improve self esteem and skills for better interactions with family, friends, work colleagues, local community and helping improve society.

The research

We have reviewed hundreds of research papers, publications and reports from the University of Bath, Loughborough University, Sheffield Hallam, Sapienza University of Rome, Pierre Bourdieu publications, Leeds Metropolitan University, International Journal of Behavioral Medicine, University of Bristol, British Heart Foundation, Sport England, etc…, our own online survey and research with Personal Training businesses across London.

For each research article we identified the key motivators and positive influences. The most prevalent being the Super 7.

Our research review is ongoing. Looking further into social cognivity, social identity, effects on individuals and society, self efficacy of physical, mental and social goals supported by an understanding of extrinsic with intrinsic rewards, enjoyment, team games and more…

Recommended app;
Behaviour Change Techniques – Taxonomy

Implementing The Jōbu Super 7

We use Behavioural Science to encourage people from all walks of life to be local Super Heroes by being more active more often.

We are working with public health teams, HR/Wellbeing managers and aligned Personal Trainer businesses around the UK to help develop communities, employees, clients and gradually implement the Jōbu Super 7.

We have created a free app, using behavioural science and the 7 foundations, which gives everyone the opportunity to join a class or personal trainer, improve your physical, mental and social wellbeing, improve your community, as well as support a charity you would like to help.

To join the Jōbu community and use the app, you need a referral code. Contact us here to get yours; contact

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