Why have diversity in physical activity groups?

Creating an environment that supports a psychologically safe climate enables individuals to; perform at their best, increase confidence and self esteem, support others and make the group experience more enjoyable. Creating a psychologically safe climate for a group of similar people is important. There can be additional  benefits for a diverse group too…

Here are some of the benefits of embracing diversity and inclusion in physical activity groups;

  1. Helps to make physical activity more interesting
  2. Helps people understand social norms outside their own
  3. Makes people aware of shared responsibilities of making everyone feel valued
  4. Helps people see things from a different perspective/embrace different views
  5. Reduces marginalisation
  6. Increases confidence and self esteem
  7. Encourages better recognition of different skills
  8. Generates fresh and different ideas
  9. Makes us aware of the impact, both positive and negative, we can have on others through our own behaviour
  10. Promotes understanding, tolerance, harmony and unity & prepares people for taking part in an inclusive society
  11. Enhances individual and collective wellbeing from knowing that everyone is accepted

Actively encouraging a diverse group can widen opportunities for Trainers and those taking part.

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