Effects of Physical Activity on Trust

Those who take part in physical activity exhibit more trust and prosocial behaviours than those who do not.

This is the findings of the research paper from Stefano Papa Ph.D, Sapienza University of Rome.

Physical activity reduces anxiety and stress, promoting cooperation. Also, people who share the same, even individual, experience enhance their prosocial Behavior.

As long as physical activities improve cooperation among individuals, they also improve efficiency in society. Training programs should be designed to optimize the physical health of those taking part. These results imply that in their design, the effects on team cohesion should also be taken into account and programs which are based on physical targets only produce suboptimal results.

For the full article🤼 https://www.researchgate.net/publication/317369017_The_Effects_of_Physical_Activity_on_Social_Interactions_The_Case_of_Trust_and_Trustworthiness