Why you SHOULD NOT WORKOUT regularly…

– you might pull a muscle

– getting sweaty makes you unhuggable

– it can make you tired

– others might stare

– you have a disability or injury

– you might look like you can help others

– you won’t get to see your favourite Doctor so often

– you won’t need to shower so often wasting time, effort, water and heating

– you can increase your heart rate just by thinking

– motivating yourself to get started can be mentally taxing

– it’s too late

– too much exercise is a bad thing

– you don’t have time to be healthy

– your posture doesn’t need help

– the World Health Organisation have got it wrong

– watching another episode of ‘Love Island’ is more important

– plastic surgery can get you in shape

– drugs can help fight disease

– you tried it once and didn’t like it

– exercise is for fit and healthy people

– it can get embarrassing having to deal with multiple compliments on how healthy you look

– your colleagues may start to dislike you because of how productive you have become at work

– you are naturally fit

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