Why should you join a group?

As social animals, we have a “need to belong”. We might not experience this need consciously or even be aware that we have it but it resides deep within us nonetheless. 

Belonging to a group and feeling identified with those in that group is an important aspect of our identity and sense of self.

Our group identity often gives us a sense of common purpose… eg. improving physical, mental and social wellbeing

We are not only more likely to get support from people within our “tribe,” but we are likely to experience their support as more valuable and more meaningful.

Joining a group of people who share a common interest or purpose can jump start efforts to enhance our social connections.

Physical Activity coaches and trainers should be encouraged to create a “group”. This can easily be done with, for example, WhatsApp, even better the group can be given a name, even better if the group choses the name.

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