How a charity challenge can help your fitness goals

According to experts, having a goal to work towards can give new direction and help push you towards achieving new skills and benchmarks in your workouts.

When we start exercising, we often do it for external reasons such as wanting to change our weight or the way we look.

But finding other, more meaningful, motivations can keep us going when our enthusiasm wanes, Australian Institute of Fitness Head of Compliance and Training Kate Kraschnefski says.

“Intrinsic motivation, which comes from doing something like supporting a charity, can sustain us for a lot longer,”

This format of fitness also means the benefits can often extend far beyond the duration of the challenge, as you’re training your body to enjoy regular exercise.

“If you’re someone who struggles to get going, picking a challenge that goes over a period of time can be ideal because it takes around three weeks to form a habit,” she says.

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