Influence and Benevolence

3 Degrees of Influence follow up post… To build influence you need ability, integrity, and benevolence.

Delivery – Your own personal expertise to be able to get the job done to the right level of satisfaction for the customers
Coaching – Your ability to be able to share your knowledge with others, to help develop their skills
Consistency – Consistency and reliability are core attributes to develop trust

Honesty – Any little transgression can severely damage your reputation. If you make a mistake own up to it, don’t try to cover it
Openness – Being open is about having open communication, being clear about why you’re doing what you’re doing, sharing information, owning up to your own shortcomings
Humbleness – Do not seek to claim all of the credit and put others ahead of yourself and personal goals. You want to make people feel like they are on a journey with you

Evangelise – Set a positive tone and give people confidence. You need to have the unwavering belief that you and your customers will be successful and need to share that message with your them
Bravery – Having the moral courage to stand up for what you believe is right, even if it could have personal consequences for you
Kindness – Kindness is probably the easiest habits to form, but unfortunately being easy doesn’t mean that it’s always done. Just saying please and thank you can have a dramatic effect, both on morale, as well as their level of trust towards you. Random acts of kindness, especially when they are unexpected, can instantly change people’s attitudes towards you, in a positive way.

Additional research shows that the strongest attribute for Influence is Benevolence. Some lack of integrity or ability can be compensated for, however a lack of benevolence cannot.

Lack benevolence and influence is “done for”!

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