4 Exercise Tips for People Who Hate to Exercise

  1. Be mindful – Research from the Netherlands has found a positive correlation between mindfulness and satisfaction. Mindfulness involves actively thinking and feeling how your body is responding to the exercises being performed.
  2. Keep intensity under control – Keep the intensity balanced at an enjoyable level. Allowing your body to become energized and challenged without making you feel sick or major discomfort.
  3. Exercise outdoors – Many studies support the link between immersing yourself in nature and increased feelings of positivity and revitalisation. Other studies suggest that engaging in exercise outdoors’s will also increase the likelihood of repeated sessions.
  4. Change your attitude – Shift your thought process about exercising. Aim to think of exercise as a beneficial and playful experience, rather than a necessary evil that is laborious and painful. One study has found that this simple thought shift can have the bonus effect of reducing the consumption of junk food after exercise.
    Full article @ https://www.psychologytoday.com/gb/blog/minding-the-body/201503/4-exercise-tips-people-who-hate-exercise