The data you provide through the Jōbu app is only used to facilitate booking of Training sessions, inviting contacts to join and displaying the User profile to other Jōbu users you are connected with, in which case only phone number and User profile are shared.
Data includes; user name, password, phone number, email address (not shared in the Jōbu app), picture, goals, reviews, input location (not GPS).
Your phone contacts phone numbers only are shared with third-party service, Twilio , after you give permisson to access your contacts list and when the contact is selected by you for sending an SMS invite request.
Payment details are only stored with our secure online payment provider, Stripe , and not by Jōbu.
Your data is not shared with any other third parties which are not essential for app functionality.
Your data is used by Jōbu to communicate with you, manage the Jōbu app and if requested, provide you a full export of the data collected.
If you click on ‘Delete me’ all your data is removed.